Dog Sunglasses Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Pet Goggles

Molly Brands

Item Description:



·    MaterialPlastic



·    Size 18*5cm



·    ColorBlack/Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red



·    Item Type Dog Sunglasses



·    Quantity1pc



·    Weight28g



·    BrandComzendle







·    Material: Plastic; For dogs about over 15 lbs, not for mini pets !



·    Head elastic band minimum 82mm/3.20", max 170mm/6.63".



·    Neck around 95-190mm/3.71-7.41" between the pet can be worn.



·    UV protection and prevention are key to your pet's healthy eyes.



·    Shatterproof Lens. Anti-fog is available, protection against UV/wind/water/debris.






Package Included:



·     1pc x Dog Sunglasses





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